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Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds

Guard Dog Breeds

A guard dog is used to watch for and guard its owners against unwanted animals and/or people. Despite the fact that some breeds are commonly used as guard dogs, opinions differ widely on which breed is the absolute best in this regard. Some people misconstrue a good guard dog with aggressiveness. WRONG!!!!

A good guard dog not only protects its owners against threats but is also manageable. They can differentiate between routine and dangerous situations and not become a liability to their families.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 guard dog breeds taking into factor their protective instinct, physical ability, trainability, assertiveness and over all temperament. This article was written for general information. Please remember that dogs are living beings and like people every dog has a unique personality. If you want a guard dog then the breed characteristics will serve only as general guidelines. How your dog turns out in the end will ultimately depend on how much effort you put into its training and the love you give it.

1) Doberman (Doberman Pinscher)

Doberman Pinscher Guard Dog

The Doberman’s frequent use as a military, search & rescue, police and guard dog all over the world speaks volumes about this great and versatile breed. This medium to large, squarely built dog is highly athletic and one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Doberman’s are ranked as the 5th most intelligent dog in the category of obedience command training. This breed was created by Karl Doberman around 1890’s from a variety of dog breeds as a personal protection dog. These dogs have wrongly been stereotyped as unmanageable and overly aggressive. They are extremely loyal to their family. As a personal protection dog they are fearless and capable guardians and sufficiently obedient and restrained to only do so on the command of their owner. Various studies have ranked Doberman Pinschers low on sociability, high in playfulness, average in curiosity/fearlessness, low on aggressiveness and low on sociability.

Their intelligence, physical strength and stamina, fearless personality and uncompromising loyalty to their owner make them the number one guard dog on our list.

Find more about doberman breed.

2) German Shephard (Alsatian)

German Shephard Guard Dog

German Shephards are one the most recognizable and popular dog breeds in the world. This agile, large and powerful dog is also ranked highly in intelligence and is widely used in police and military roles. German Shephards are a relatively new breed originating in the 1890’s from Germany.

This breed was developed particularly for their intelligence a trait for which they are now famous. They are considered to be the 3rd most intelligent dog breed, behind Border Collies and Poodles. German Shepherds self-assured and highly active dogs. Their protective nature, high trainability factor and physical strength make them a highly recommended guard dog.

Find more about German Shephard breed.

3) Rottweiler

Rottweiler Guard Dog

The Rottweiler is an ancient dog breed which originated in Germany and was originally used as herd guards and protection dogs. This is a medium / large breed with compact and powerful body, a broad deep chest and muscular neck. Rottweilers have a fearless and self assured nature. They have generally good temperament if raised by a firm owner.

There credentials as a guard dog are great because of a natural desire to protect family and home. It is an intelligent dog of extreme adaptability and hardiness with a strong willingness to work, making them especially suited as a guardian and companion. The exceptional strength of the Rottweiler makes it a menacing appearance to any intruder.

4)  Dogo Argentino (Argentinian Mastiff)

Dogo Argentino Guard Dog

The Dogo Argentino is of Argentinean origin and primarily bred for the purpose of big game hunting. It is a large, white and muscular dog that is renowned for its courage, strength and stamina. Dogos are a dominant breed and require a firm and experienced owner. Their highly protective nature, absolute fearlessness and physical ability makes them excellent guard dogs.

5) Boerboel (South African Mastiff)

Boerboel Guard Dog

The Boerboel is a large and powerful dog of South African origin specifically bred to defend the homestead. It is believed that the breed was created from interbreeding dogs brought to Africa by European settlers and  native African canine species. Boerbels have a have strong territorial instinct and due to their calm and confident nature they remain the guard dog of choice for many African farmers. Boerbels are a powerful and headstrong breed and require obedience training from a young age. This breed is highly recommended for strong and dominant owners.

6) Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

Dogue de Bordeaux Guard Dog

Although the origins of Dogue de Bordeaux can be traced back to the 13th century they were introduced to the world at large in the movie ‘Turner and Hooch’. They were originally bred as war dogs and herd protectors. This powerful and athletic breed has a menacing look that ought to scare of most unwanted intruders. These dogs are vigilant without aggressiveness, protective and even tempered. These characteristics allow the douge to be a good judge of situations and only react aggressively when they feel their home and family are threatened. Like all guard dogs, this breed has a naturally dominant personality and should be trained accordingly from an early age.

7) Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

Cane Corso Guard Dog

Cane Corso is a medium large dog of Mastiff type of Italian Owners. The Corso gives the appearance of power and athleticism. This breed has an even, calm and stable temperament making them easy to obedience training. The corso have a natural willingness to please and form a close attachment with their owners. Aggression should never be encouraged in corso as they are highly suspicious of strangers. They are generally a quiet breed and bark only when they feel something is out of the ordinary. Corso come 7th on our list based on their protective nature along with a lot of attention from their owners.

8) Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Guard Dog

The Bullmastiff is a large and ferocious looking dog of English origin. Their physical power combined with natural guardian instincts are great for families as these dogs can alternate between a capable protector and playful pet.

9) Ca De Bou (Majorca Mastiff)

Ca De Bou Guard Dog

The Ca De Bou, originating from the island of Mallorca, is a medium large dog with an independent, courageous and combative personality. The have a well balanced psychology and reserved temperament. Early socialization and strict training methods are required to groom the excellent guardian instincts in this breed.

10) Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)

Fila Brasileiro Guard Dog

The Fila Brasileiro was introduced to the new world by conquistadors primarily for hunting and guarding ranches. This is a large and squarely built dog breed with an ambling gait and a massive head. The fila is a courageous, determined and fearless dog which is deeply attached to its family. On the basis of guard dog characteristics this breed would be on the top of any list but fila’s have a natural tendency to deeply dislike any stranger. This aggressiveness towards any and all strangers makes the breed suitable for only the most experienced and firm owners.

Who ever wrote this must like

Who ever wrote this must like big piece of crap dogs.  Most of these minus the Shepherd are no more than deterents.  Not guard most of these breeds can be ran especially the Doberman they are the most nervey piece of craps.

 Are you serious I've seen

 Are you serious I've seen quite a few list and this by far is the best one yet! You need to visit dog breed info and research each dog on th list and you'll see that these are the top ten. Hands down!

im looking for a guard dog

im looking for a guard dog for me and my husband we are looking hard at the doberman , but we dont want one thats going to turn on us one day as well and that will do on demands any tips for me of where i should do my research on what dog i should choose

Not sure what the last person

Not sure what the last person was trying to say lol. Their English is so poor, I only made out that the only dog on the list of which they approve is german shepherds.
On a different note, great list! Very useful, I like that you also listed trainability, friendliness towards strangers.
I'd be curious to see which of some of the breeds tend to bark more than others. Some dogs ie shepherds, bark like heck all the time and I find it hard to know if there's a real threat or not. (Love my Cane Corso <3)

great list, should replace

great list, should replace bullmastiff with american bulldog though

EXCELLENT INFO, Dobermans are

EXCELLENT INFO, Dobermans are like the Germans, top-class in many fields

Dobermans are good to a

Dobermans are good to a point, if an intruder hits the dog hard or otherwise hurts the dog it will turn and run.  So if you want to risk having your house robbed while your dog whimpers in the corner then the Doberman is for you.

I have a rottie they can bark

I have a rottie they can bark a lot. I love him he is awesome. I think if anyone came on my property in a threatening manner he would get them. This list I think is accurate :)

Have you guys seen the other

Have you guys seen the other lists? I ask you this, if there's 10 lists and 9 says the same thing while 1 (this one) says differently. Would you guys seriously listen to the one that stands out? I'm not sying it's wrong, I'm just saying I'd rather listen to the one that has 9 lists that say the same?

This list is accurate....I

This list is accurate....I love Rotties and B.Filas and what the list say is U have a better Idea?.

I have had a rott, pitt,

I have had a rott, pitt, doberman over the years.  It is amazing the intellegence and innate intinct to protect our home that my Fila has.  I was broken into two times with the "Other Breeds" .  Now I just pick up all the plastic bumpers that my 3 Fila's tear off the cars that happen on my property.  My drive way is 900 ft long and FAR off the road.  They inherently will not wander more than 400 feet from the house with no fence, gaits, or shock collars.  They have free reign on my 17 acres.  They have traked and killed deer, coyote, fox...anything they feel did not belong.  They cornered an intruder away from our house against our detached garage and we found him against the wall where he had been for two hours because the dogs would not let him back to his car.  Yeah, he pissed himself and we just let him stay there till the police came.  His car was full of stolen electronics.  We now have 3 Fila's  192 lb male, 165 lb male, and a 145 lb female.  To us they are lap dogs, and desire your attention.  THEY DO NEED a owner that is an "A" Dominant Personality.  One of my three were rescued from a home that could not control her.  In two weeks she was well acclimated to our home and my commands.  They listen well, too much sometimes. And you must not be bothered by Drool or Snoring...there is a lot of both in the loving of this breed.  These are a very active mastiff breed and need property to exercise to maintain health.  They are bigger eaters than other mastiff breeds due to this activity and massive muscle structure.  We have enjoyed owning Fila's but it took some serious work to teach them to obey my verbal commands when they are in protect mode.  I have seen some ignore their owners and have to be dragged from a situation.  But they are very trainable and understand if taught properly that a situation is no longer a threat.  I hope this is helpful...Enjoy


We have a 6 month old Fila

We have a 6 month old Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff).  She is one of the best dogs I've had.  I grew up with German Shepherds and Dobermans, and love them too.  She just has something special, and I still have puppy love. Very tender, yet very protective.  And smart.   

I've had a doberman and he

I've had a doberman and he would let in dogs, and people without barking usually and always ran off.... Not the greatest guard dog.

They are great common dogs

They are great common dogs but look into others as well. Good list but forgot the Kangal, a dog that use to protect sheep from lions, wolves etc and also a Central Asian Ovtcharka dog which originated from Russia. Six thousand years of instincts, a very good dog. Great protectors of the family!

elo everyone iv got a 5 month

elo everyone iv got a 5 month old boerboel and i noticed that nobody has any comment about it. i would realy apreciate yalls opinions!

we have had a doberman

we have had a doberman ,german shephard and rottweiler breeds in our home all were great dogs but the best guard dogs we had were akitas they were great with the kids loved to be around people and only barked when needed to (unlike the othr breeds that barked at anything ) they showed no fear of anything and were extreamly protective even against bears. 

I have a breed not listed

I have a breed not listed which is also from the mastiff line - Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  Great guard dog and great with kids.  Have had shepherds and other guard breeds - none come close to the mastiff breeds

Having had many breeds in my

Having had many breeds in my 40 years, the Doberman has been the best guard dog for me. For the last 10 years, I have had 3 Dobermans that I have used to protect my property. Gracie died just a year ago and Sergeant retired about 3 years ago when Mick took over for him. He's just our house pet these days.

I live outside a small city in Texas and I have an auto lot adjacent to my home property and currently Mick (a 5-year old Dobie) is my security system. Dobermans are extremely trainable, yet they are also thinkers. They are clever and can even work out solutions on their own. He's popular with my customers and employees.

Mick seems to automatically know who belongs on the lot and shop and who doesn't. He roams from the house to the shop and he knows that no one should be there at night. I've yet to have a successful break in or theft with Gracie, Sargeant, or Mick pulling guard duty. Which was not the case with the other dogs I've had.

Also, he's been terrific at keeping strays or other scavengers away. We have alot of stray dogs, skunks and coyotes that prowl at night. He was chewed up pretty good by a couple of pit pulls a year ago, but even though he got the worst of it he still managed to chase them off before I could get my pistol. It didn't seem to change his personality or his fearlessness. He still keeps the place free of unwanted animals.

So while my experience can be considered merely anecdotal, I would choose a Dobie over any other guard dog.

Fila Brasiliero is by far the

Fila Brasiliero is by far the best responsive to intruders. Even after three years of my neighbor going in and out of his back house, my Fila acts like a ferocious beast and starts jumping at the wooden fence wanting to get at him. He doesn't mind because he knows when she barks (and when she barks you can hear the deep snarls and echoing thunder that is released from them) there is definetly some person either walking onto the property or on the sidewalk in front. And she only barks at people she finds suspicious. Like strangers who haven't been around before. The ones that stroll along, walk there dogs and such, she just looks through the cracks in the fence and starts with this scary growl. She will run to the other end of the house to make sure that they keep moving on. When the doorbell rings she lets off like thunder. Food delivery guys stay in there cars because they think she's out front when she's barking from the back. I have never ever taught her to be like this. It's just in her nature. When my newborn came home, she knew instinctively that my son was part of the family. While my wife was pregnant, my Fila use to really bow down to her. She was very affectionate and always was smelling my wife's belly and she would pick her belly with such tenderness. When we introduced my newborn son, she started to get so excited. Ears back, eyes of affection and wagging her tail so hard that I thought it would fall off. She just started licking his feet and when the baby cry's she would wimpper and scratch at the door wanting to see what was going on. So, if you want an extremely, family orientated guard dog, the Fila Brasiliero is the dog for you. As far as train ability, you just have to keep a firm time and a cowering effect over your Fila. From puppyhood, let them know you mean business. My Fila is so obidient that I don't need to even speak. Just a loud Shhh and a snap of my finger and she's by my side in an instant. I hope that anyone considering this dog will listen to my story and be prepared to feel the comfort and security that this dog of thunder will bring to your life. Not to big, not to small. Filas are just right.
MM. Los Angeles, CA

Shepherds and Dobermans are

Shepherds and Dobermans are good dogs. They're more "protection" dogs. The Mastiffs are more guard or defense dogs. Shepherds can be easily deployed to chase someone down if they were trying to retreat. Mastiffs are close quarter dogs.
I have a Cane Corso and a Fila Brasileiro. Both are awesome guard dogs. My Corso is very social, but my Fila doesn't want anything to do with anyone that doesn't live here.
When it's all said and done, it's always going to be a personal preference. I'm just a mastiff guy.

List should of started for

List should of started for the top 3
# 1 Rott For protection
# 2 Germanshepherd For protection / Family
# 3 Doberman just to make noise and because they do run when they get hit.

I have all three Rott has dominated the other two and yes Doberman hides behind the shepherd and the rott.

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