Dog Breed 4u

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Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds

Large Dog Breeds

From breeds that can sit comfortably in your lap to the true giants of the species, man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. We are listing 10 of the largest dog breeds in world below.

1. Saint Bernard

saint bernard

The St. Bernard Dog is a working dog from the Swiss Alps that was bred for rescue missions in mountain passes. It is a truly huge dog, standing in from 27 to 35 inches at the withers (the highest point on the back of an upright animal). Males can weigh anywhere between 73 to 117 kg. The St. Bernard is a very loyal and friendly breed. Although not an overly aggressive dog, socialization and proper training is required at an early age so that it does not become unmanageable.

2. Mastiff

The Mastiff (also known as the English Mastiff) is the second largest of all dog breeds. Males can weigh between 68–110 kg and their standard height is 30 inches. Although Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds are taller then the Mastiff they are much smaller in terms of mass. Mastiffs are a muscular and powerful breed and they are renowned for their courage and dignity. Mastiffs are considered as one of the best guard dogs in the world and make for a loving and well mannered house pet.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is considered as the 3rd largest dog breed in the world. Standing in at 26 to 31 inches this breed has a standard weight of 74 KG although larger specimens are common. Renowned for their fearsome appearance and protective instincts, this breed makes for a great guard dog. They need to be properly socialized at an early stage so they don’t become a danger for strangers.

4. Newfoundland


Weighing in at 60 to 70 kg (males) the Newfoundland dog is the fourth largest breed in the world. It is considered by some as the strongest of all dogs and excels at water rescue operations. Newfoundland dogs are an extremely loving, patient and gentle dog that make for a great house pet. Its webbed feet and tremendous strength make it an outstanding swimmer.

5. Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux (also known as the French Mastiff) is one of the most ancient of all French dog breeds. French Mastiffs are powerful and imposing dogs. They have a fearless spirit and are ideal for guard duties. Dogue de Bordeaux rank as the fifth largest dog in the world weighing in from 54 to 65 kg for males with a height of 23-30 inches.

6. Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane is renowned for its size and sometimes referred to as ‘Apollo of all breeds’. It is considered as the second tallest dog after Irish Wolfhounds. Great Danes rank as number 6 in terms of size. Males Danes can weigh anywhere between 54 to 90 kg and reach a height of 30-34 inches. This is a beautiful and usually well manned breed that is patient with children.

7. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is an ancient breed that has been used over the centuries primarily for wolf hunting. The tallest of dog breeds they usually weigh 40 to 69 kg and have a height of 28-35 inches. Irish Wolfhounds are an intelligent, patient and generous breed. Their sweet natures allow them to be trusted with children. These dogs are somewhat clumsy and aren’t recommended for guard duties.

8. Perro de Presa Canario

Perro de Presa Canario

The Perro de Presa Canario (or simply ‘Presa Canario’) is a large and powerful dog that originated in the Canary Islands and was specifically developed for dog fighting and large game hunting. This breed weighs in around 36 to 59 kg and stands at 21 to 25 inches. Presa Canarios are outstanding guard dogs but they are NOT for the novice or first time dog owner due to their dominant natures. This breed requires extensive socialization and obedience training.

9. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is also known as Great Pyrenees and is commonly used as a livestock guardian. It is a serious and well mannered dog that is wary of strangers. Weighing in at around 50 to 54 kg the Great Pyrenees ranks at 9th in terms of size. Like most large dogs, early socialization is necessary for these dogs.

10. Kuvasz


The kuvasz (pronounced: KOO-vahz) is a large and ancient dog breed of Hungarian origin. They have traditionally been used as livestock guardian. This dog weighs at around 45 to 52 kg and stands at 28 to 30 inches. The kuvasz is an independent thinker and can be hard to train.


Note: Since this article is related to the largest dog breeds AND since males are larger, the weights for all dogs given above are for males only.

Note: If you think that another breed is more deserving of inclusion in this list then please feel free to let us know by posting a comment. We will make necessary adjustments after proper research.

you guys should try see our

you guys should try see our dogs in afhganistan they go by the name of suge kuchi,im pretty sure it would top ur list



 The dog that they are

 The dog that they are referring to is also known as the Afghan Kuchi Dog, Central Asian Shepherd, etc.

And apparently, they get BIG...27-34 inches at the shoulder big.

sorry but for one, although

sorry but for one, although they are big afghan they aint that massive, and for second, THERE AINT A SINGLE PEDIGREE DOG OUT THERE, duuu

 Even Caucasion ovcharka dogs

 Even Caucasion ovcharka dogs are quite huge and massive 

Caps lock doesn't help you in

Caps lock doesn't help you in anyway... TURN IT OFF.

I agree. I was deployed to

I agree. I was deployed to Afghanistan twice and i have never seen dogs as big( and mean i might add) as the ones over there. You would walk into a village and in almost every house would be this big huge dog.

The biggest dog breed in the

The biggest dog breed in the world is the [South African Boerboel Mastive] it wieghs from 130-215lbs i am a Scientific reasearcher Who's been studying dogs for more than 47 years my name is Dr.Hubert.P.Fonzworth the 5th and i am 100% certin that my inalisus and calculations are correct due to much sientific facinations over canines all over the world.

 They get to a max of 85KG.

 They get to a max of 85KG. Much smaller than Kangal. I'm doing a research just before establishing a farm and I've been going through it all. Visiting breeders, checking flock etc.

Best guardian dog will be a cross of Great P. with maremma

Strongest dogs are Anatolian and Kangal. best for areas with bears or wolf packs

I am most certainly sure it

I am most certainly sure it is the grand pyrenean in which is the largest dog in the world due to the reasearch of Dr.Vonchwe of southern Nebraska.

 Dr. Farnsworth....why not

 Dr. Farnsworth....why not zoidberg??

 The real Dr Hubert J

 The real Dr Hubert J Farnsworth would never make dumb statements like that!

 You are no scientist!

 You are no scientist! Tibetan Mastiffs can get up to 225 pounds and get up to 30 inches tall. Therefore that proves the South African Boerboel is not the largest dog.

You must have failed

You must have failed spelling. Futurama has a Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Interesting....

Sure you are, you think,

Sure you are, you think, being a doctor, you could at least spell properly? And the Boerboel would probably be second or third, big males can get to around 90kg

my english mastff was a

my english mastff was a femaleand weighed 185 her uncle a male weighed in at 250 lbs

 If you mean the Central

 If you mean the Central Asian Shepherds then yes they are pretty big dogs. My mom has one and I think it is around the same size as a St Benard. They usually have their tail and ears clipped off. The one my mom has had its ears and tails clipped off. They can make good guard dogs. I would pity an idiot that could not tell that a big dog does not like them messing with their owners. I would consider one for protection. However, there are other dog breeds better desinged to protect you from someone attacking you. I do not know how many Afghans get to meet German Shepherds but I kind of favor them. I personaly like full blooded Western working dogs breeds such as the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Belgium Tevern, etc since they have a purpose.

As for the person that talked about eating dogs that does not bother me. However, I will not defend it since it is not out of starvation. The reality is dogs and parts from animals that are even endangered such as bears and tigers is eaten out of the superstition belief that it has health benefits for you.

What nonsense are u people

What nonsense are u people commenting here, none of the dogs are big enough to reach a height of 35-40 inches and weight 90-95kg like the Khasiadactsn dogs. Don't even try to search 4 them in google,u won't find them in google. They are the secret types of dogs that we don't want to show off to the world jus like you guys.

prove it send me a pic by

prove it send me a pic by email and who is we how do you take proper care of a dog by hiding a dog inside for it's life what do you tell a vet when they ask what breed of dog is it and where does is poo and pee if  it's hidden inside all day and how can you possibly take it for a walk and why would you want to hide it from the public you cant possibly take better care of them than we could  if your going to hide them inside all day 



 German shepherds are the

 German shepherds are the kings and thts a fact 

 Tibetan Mastiffs are by far

 Tibetan Mastiffs are by far the largest dog's out there. The only reason they're not on this list, is because peoples ignorance to their existence.

 I agree, i have owned a

 I agree, i have owned a tibetan mastiff easily 34 inches at shoulder.  there are serbian dogs also simmilar to tibetan mastiff large in size...

I could say the same thing

I could say the same thing regarding Akitas(Japanese)
and Caucasian Mountain Dogs (Russian).
Just FYI everyone. :)

Wow! I love dogs.. I love

Wow! I love dogs.. I love collecting small chain of dogs. Last year i bought a chehuahua and it's so cute. Thanks for sharing thsi articles.

FYI: I believe that the

FYI: I believe that the largest dog breed is the pyrenean mastiff (not to be confused with the pyrenean mountian dog).  Pyrenean Mastiff requires a minimum of 31in and many are much larger.  I have spoken with a breeder who has owned many saints and pyrenean mastiffs over the years and said  that the pyrenean mastiffs are consistantly larger than the saints.

I hate reading nonsense like

I hate reading nonsense like this.  I've owned and shown every dog on the list here except the Canary Island Dogs and this is gibberish.

Mastiffs are actually larger than St. Bernards  (check the breed standards instead of just making up numbers) and the real-life distinction is even more significant.  Although you get the ocassionally smallish Mastiff or large St, Bernard, on the whole the Mastiffs are MUCH more substantial animals.  They are however, dead-even in the drool department.

Dogue de Bordeaux shouldn't even be on the list, nor should the Canary Island Dogs.  Neither of them is in the same league size-wise the other dogs listed here.

Calling an Irish Wolfhound clumsy is just evidence of ignorance.  Like all Giant Breeds as puppies they are a train-wreck but an adult Irish Wolfhound is unbelievably graceful and incredibly fast.  It would make more sense to call a Great Dane clumsy but even they age out of it, although it takes them longer than the wolfhounds.  Clumsy dogs don't run down wolves and kill them and suitability for guard duty is about temperment not some imagined lack of grace.

You can't seem to decide whether height or mass is more important.


I think the Leonberger should

I think the Leonberger should be one of the top ten for size....

Yup Leo's grow to over 180

Yup Leo's grow to over 180 pounds. Should be on the list.

I concur, my father owned the

I concur, my father owned the largest registered dog in the world in the 1940's.  He was named Midget and was an Old English Mastiff.  He was owned by a Mr. H. Hawkes at the the time of the showing and record setting.  He was given to my dad by Mr. Hawkes due to problems handling the dog. 

Midget had been used in the movies, was extremely tempermental, and resented being corrected.  He also hated little dogs and had killed a couple.   Midget would fight with other males, took out a huge chunk of a Great Pyr's hip which ruined the dog for show. 

He got in a fight with a male Mastiff dog named Tris which was a little smaller but still huge and extremely tough.  My mother tried to break up the fight to no avail. She did the only thing she could, she sobbed.  The dogs stopped fighting and went over to comfort mom.  They never fought again.

At the time we lived in Warrendale Oregon near Bonniville Dam in the Columbia Gorge.  Dad and a friend used to take the dogs bear hunting for bears that had become major neighborhood problems.   Midget died of an apparant heart attack during one of the last bear hunts my dad ever went on.    Midget was way to heavy to haul down the mountain so he was burried on the trail.  He rests on the side of a Mountain over looking the Columbia River just south of  The Old Columbia River Highway, US 30 (Now Interstate 84) about a mile west of Tanner Creek and maybe a mile or two west of Bonniville Dam.

At 71 years olf my memory is fading but I believe Midget was around 260 lbs. and about 36 inches at the shoulders, but not any more than 36".

DANG calm down and write your

DANG calm down and write your own article, he's an authority in his mind..people always wanna piss on someone elses efforts. 

 Your a dick son. Have

 Your a dick son. Have respect for your elders.  That was an interesting story thanks for that. The largets breed of dogs are old english mastiffs. The tallest are Wolfhounds and Danes. Not hard to find out just go to a dog show and have a look if you find google difficult .. lol.  Of course you get great  variation in all of them by the 'line' they come from. However having also breed the 3 mentioned breeds and presently having a Dane I can say the largest specimen of each of these breeds would always be a mastiff. A large mastiff has no competition .Thats it ! story over and thats the facts.

I am interested in getting a

I am interested in getting a male Doberman Pinscher when I move out of my parents' house after I graduate high school. Would you suggest this dog for me if i want a big dog that is attractive and protective, but also has a great temperament toward my boyfriend, myself, and a baby? Thank you! (:

I agree with you, I had an

I agree with you, I had an English Mastiff (female) that weighed in at 191 lbs. Very graceful although a "train wreck" as a puppy.

I total agree. I love dogs

I total agree. I love dogs but I'm in love with Irish Wolfhounds.

 mastiffs are almost 2 times

 mastiffs are almost 2 times bigger than st. bernards...... this is bullcrap

Mastiffs and Bernard's are

Mastiffs and Bernard's are generally of similar size.  Mastiffs generally a little bigger but not by much and not always.  We have had huge Saints and even bigger Mastiffs but the person on the street would have a hard time telling which was bigger.

Once a wag in Vail CO once told me his male Saint weighed 250 lbs.  It was actually probably a 150 lb dog.  Our female Mastiff stood side by side his male and was a hair taller and a little bulkier and she then weighed  maybe about 167-168 at the time.   I just told the owner what our dog weighed and that his much heavier dog was very impressive and walked away.  No hurt feelings and a happy Saint Bernard owner.

Of the large dog breeds there

Of the large dog breeds there are larger and somewhat smaller animals in that breed. I've owned three Saints - the first weighed 180 lbs.; the second, a female, weighed 125 lbs.; and the one we have now weighs 130 lbs.

I know, and have seen, one Saint in Oregon who weighs 240 lbs. He looks like a walking coffee table.

Saints aren't the biggest dogs, but they are the friendliest. I love our big dog.

Training a dog is always a

Training a dog is always a task that requires a lot of patience and understanding. Dogs are always attuned in facial expression, feelings and tone of voice.

You should look at the

You should look at the averages on the caucasian ovcharka, they average larger than almost all dogs on this list excluding one or two. :)

caucasian ovcharka is a big

caucasian ovcharka is a big dog but more around the size of a new foundland or great pyrenees.

are there photos of them

are there photos of them online? My grandson yesterday saw what he calls the most "monstrously large" dog he's ever seen. It was brindle, and looked like a pit bull mixed with something huge. He said it was real calm, and liked it when he talked to it, but he didn't pet it -- didn't want to push his luck. He's 6" 1' or 6"2' and it stood higher than his waist at the shoulders. He said its head was enormous.

I had 12 dogs and 1 died 2

I had 12 dogs and 1 died 2 days ago and the rest are HUGE!!!

Boerboel (South African

Boerboel (South African Mastiff)

The Boerboel is reliable, obedient and intelligent, with strong watch and guard-dog instincts. It is self-assured and fearless. The Boerboel are very playful and affectionate toward their owners.

Height: males 25-28 inches (64-70 cm.)     female 23-25.5 inches (59-65 cm.)
Weight: 154-200 pounds (70 and 90 kg.)

Due to natural selection the Boerboel is a very healthy breed.

The Boerboel is fairly easily to groom. An occasional brushing and a monthly bath and dip is all they need. This breed is an average shedder.

Yup. I've got two of 'em.

Yup. I've got two of 'em. One 9 years old, and he's about 160 lbs (73 kg). The other is 9 months old, and 140 lbs (64 kg). He's already taller, than the other one, though, so he'll end up being more than 160. They're fantastic dogs!

bloodhounds run a bit large,

bloodhounds run a bit large, too w/ the average adult male 110 lb or more. they don't show their weight because it's actually their bones that are heavy. i have a 4-yr. old bloodhound/lab/pit bull mix (as well as we can tell -- he was a dumpee @ 6 wks). I think he was a runt because he's only made it to 65 lbs., which is good with me. he's a sweety who's also very beautiful

I had a st. bernard,it was

I had a st. bernard,it was around 110kg ,but he was in good  shape,was a great dog,obedient,and very calm,peacefull and gentle ,now,i have a english mastiff,he is around 115kg of muscles (!)but he is like a baby really,i cant't believe it,i have luck with dogs(offcourse,i spend a LOT of time with them)!

 Aren't English Mastiffs near

 Aren't English Mastiffs near the size of a horse? They seem pretty big to me!

 I think that the King German

 I think that the King German Shepherd should be on this list. They are huge!

The Akbash dog is between

The Akbash dog is between 30-34 in. they should definitely be on the list!!

saint bernard is largest dog

saint bernard is largest dog in the worlllld.


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